General business terms

Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is established at the following address:

Hans Egedesvej 3
P.O. Box 1046
GL-3900 Nuuk

Telephone +299 32 34 00
Telefax     +299 32 38 68
Mail mhdlaw@malling-hansendamm.gl

Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is organised as a partnership with Wilhelm Malling and Niels Hansen Damm as attorneys in charge.

The general business terms of Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm ap-ply to the tasks we undertake unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The attorneys at Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm have been authorised to practise law by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Conflict of interest or loyalty

Prior to starting an assignment, Malling & Hansen Law Firm always checks whether any conflict of interest or loyalty is involved which prevents the law firm from representing the client.

The assignment does not prevent the law firm from providing legal advisory services - with due respect of the applicable rules on conflict of interest - to other enterprises within the same line of business as that of the client.

Information on identity and money laundering

Like all other law firms in Greenland and Denmark, Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is covered by the Act on the prevention of money laundering. We are therefore obliged to obtain and store information on the identity of every single client.

As from 1 January 2010, the law firm has been obliged to obtain identity details on its clients, i.e. information on name, address and civil registration number or business registration number.

The information is to be provided when the client starts business relations with the attorney. Such information must also be provided if the client is already a client of the law office, but has not previously provided such information on identity.

Fee, invoicing and clients' funds

The legal fee is determined on the basis of several different parameters. The time spent on the assignment, the nature of the specialist knowledge and experience of the lawyers involved, the complexity of the assignment and its importance to the client, the value of the assets involved, the results achieved, whether the assignment has necessitated work under considerable time pressure or outside ordinary business hours as well as the liability involved in handling the assignment are elements taken into consideration.

The fee is exclusive of court fees, travelling and accommodation expenses, major photocopying jobs, translation and disbursements.

We may request pre-payment of disbursements and fee prior to commencing the assignment.

Every prepayment will be deposited in a client account and can be used for settling future invoices and for covering expenses unless otherwise agreed. Any interest gained accrues to the client according to the applicable rules.

The law office issues an invoice when the assignment has been completed. Advisory services provided on a continuous basis and long-term assignments are invoiced on account when warranted by the time spent on the assignment as well as bi-annually unless otherwise agreed.

In Greenland, no VAT duties are imposed, and consequently no VAT will be charged on the invoice amount.

The terms of payment are 14 days from the invoice date.

In the event of delay in payment, interest is charged in compli-ance with the provisions of the Act on Interest Rates.


As attorneys we are under a duty of professional secrecy. All information is handled confidentially.

Use of our advisory services

Our advisory services are targeted at the specific assignment and are therefore not to be used for any other purpose without our explicit prior acceptance. We are answerable only to our client for the advisory services provided unless otherwise agreed.

Completion of the assignment

We perform the assignment until it naturally ends or until the client requests that the case be closed. However, we reserve the right to stop providing assistance if the term of credit specified in our invoices is significantly exceeded despite reminders or in case of the client's insolvency. Moreover, we reserve the right to withdraw from a case if, in special situations, we find that we can no longer take responsibility for handling the case or if we are of the opinion that it is in the interest of our client to end our cooperation.
Original documents are usually handed over not later than in connection with completion of the assignment, and we keep the files for at least five years from the date of invoice.


Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is subject the general rules on complaints of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

If a client is not satisfied with our services or our fee, we kindly ask the client to contact one of the partners in order to have the issue clarified and to find an amicable solution that is satisfactory to the client. 

Applicable law and venue

Any dispute between a client and Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is to be settled in compliance with the law of Greenland/Denmark before the competent court of law in Greenland.

Liability, limitation of liability and insurance cover

Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm is responsible for the legal advisory services provided in compliance with the general law of Greenland/Denmark.

All attorneys at Malling & Hansen Damm Law Firm are covered by the law firm's professional liability insurance and guarantee scheme taken out with Codan Forsikring A/S. The professional liability insurance covers all legal practice activities, regardless of where such activities are exercised.

Our liability towards clients, however, is limited to the maximums at any time of the liability insurance cover of the law office. Further information on insurance may be provided on request.

Our liability does not cover financial consequential loss, including loss of operation, loss of data, loss of profit, goodwill, image etc. or other forms of indirect loss.

The law office is not liable for any mistakes made by advisers to whom the law office has referred a client nor is the law office liable for any mistakes made by sub-suppliers whom the law office has entrusted with part of the assignment.